Trends and Tips for An Effective Video Marketing Campaign

How Effective is Video Marketing? What are the trends and tips for an effective video marketing campaign?

“A video is worth 1.8 million words”

-according to Dr. James McQuivey  

And we also have the saying that goes “a picture is worth a thousand words.” However, there is more to video than a picture. While the picture brings still visual, the video can stimulate the eyes and the minds to be more participative in the storytelling. The motion and the emotion that it conveys can engage with the viewers. The success factor in attracting the attention of the viewers brings the notion of videos being a more viable marketing tool.

Videos are more possible to create now that decades ago. The innovative tools that it encourages more enthusiasts to experiment with videos create a stimulus of democratized, cultural phenomenon. The reason of it being a phenomenon is that many people can have more chances and opportunities to be more experimental in expressing things through videos. The first months of YouTube can be regarded as the advent of more possible and more cost-effective video marketing culture.

It would be far easier now for advocates to reach out and compel more people to be more aware on certain advocacies.

For businesses, particularly the small and medium enterprises and even individual professionals, the videos to attract clients and customers can possibly gain more views because of the tools and platforms that are readily available online.

Analytics and insights tools are better innovated, providing real-time information of views and demographics data of viewers in online video platforms. Hence, video views can be accurately measured and wouldn’t have to undergo probable statistical process of measuring views compared to television.

Because of the factor to be easily gauged, videos are more feasible to be used as tools for marketing.

On a study by StacksandStacks, it has published that videos have provided more promising results than other content platforms for marketing campaigns.  144% of their customers are more likely to engage in a buying decision compared to text-based content of promoting their products.

A well-planned video marketing campaign has more probability to be more successful in attracting audiences in this age where consumers have low attention span.

Online video advertising cloaked in emotional storytelling is deemed more effective in attracting viewers and driving conversion.

Social media platforms and network launched products and services pertaining to the augmentation of online video formats and by taking advantage of a growing user-base that consume videos more than contextual format.

Google and Apple’s advantage in video marketing is boosted due to the the proliferation of mobile phones. These tech titans along with Facebook and Twitter invested in improving their features by integrating video plug-ins in their applications.

Google has YouTube, while Facebook integrates Facebook video and Facebook live. Twitter, on the other hand, adds video feature aside from the Periscope platform. Marketers take part in the game of online video advertising where they gamble in more strategic ways on the video content to millions and billions of users.

1. Set Your Budget

How much should a business invest in video marketing?

Setting a budget is relevant as you for the number of videos to be produced periodically. If there is a plan for more videos to be released each week, each month or in a quarterly basis, then the right amount should be set aside.

Resource management is vital in creating a marketing blueprint which include video marketing.

2. Formulate a compelling story that would surely drive clicks and conversions

The most effective videos viewed by millions are able to entertain users and audience.

By setting a goal for your online video you start it by brainstorming creative ideas.

What content should be in the videos?

Who are the users of the video that will benefit from watching it?

3. Short video that is more engaging brings the PLUS.

GDays Mandaue 2014 from Opsixty on Vimeo.

A video’s optimal length, however, relies on what you want to accomplish. But short videos are more apt to attract engagement than longer duration videos.

Ideally, develop a script that’s short and fun. By creating an outline of the story to be turned into video format, your video can encapsulate everything that the consumers would find beneficial in augmenting their knowledge or entertaining that they provides the pulse for you to create more videos.

4. Create videos that are more interactive

Behavioral patterns of consumers are always shifting.  This poses a challenge for companies that are constantly striving to find innovative ways and more measurable means to connect with their audiences.

An innovative solution in video marketing is the interactive video, which allows for better interaction with the audience.

In an unedited video format, the ending should integrate a way to encourage engagement such as asking the viewers to leave comments or suggestions. The comment section, which is enabled in most videos in YouTube allow viewers, audience and, yes, subscribers to ask questions, leave comments and suggestions.

In another format where there is real-time interaction, viewers can be part of the video and would have the ability to receive real-time answers to queries thrown to the video producer.

5. Leave a persuasive yet genuine call to action

Utilize the few seconds at the end of your video to add your social media profiles and pages along with an enticing call to action button. You can integrate a clickable annotation on the video to enable your viewers to be taken to the landing page where they can leave their details.

Business website must include call to action button to direct to a landing page where you can persuade visits into leads. of course, we are hoping to turn into paying customers.

Creating a video for marketing campaign requires a great deal of strategic efforts but it is equally vital to keep up with the trends in the ever-evolving digital age.

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